Tuesday, June 28, 2011

First Round of Jurying is Complete!

WHEW!  Confirmations for the first round of crafters have been sent out!  Food Vendors - Hang in there, I'll take care of you this week, but so glad to have the regular crews back!  yum, I mean, Yay!

JEWELRY - We have reached the 15% booth limit, so any new vendors will be put on a jewelry waiting list and can only take spaces where another jewelry vendor had cancelled.  This includes spaces that are half jewelry and half craft.  Anything less isn't counted.

Local, Randy Peters Catering, will be providing a full breakfast menu in the cafeteria, then transitioning later to a lunch menu.  FYI - we make a concerted effort not to allow direct competition of foods, so food vendors get to sell their specialties.  So far, we'll have sandwiches, salads, desserts, lumpia, rice bowls, hot dogs, and kettlecorn.  We're working on a bbq pit, Mexican caterer and an additional coffee/espresso stand, and that's not to mention all the student groups we won't know about until September!  So cross your fingers for some homemade treats from them!

Three more months, three more months, three more months, .....

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

First Deposit Date now July 1st!

In past years it always just happened that the first deposit of booth fees was made after July 1st.  And, as I just happened to have a conversation with our Treasurer after the last PTA meeting, I found out that's the way it should be!  Therefore, the date on your documents is currently wrong and we will Not deposit the first checks on June 24th, but on Friday, July 1st, instead. 

It's simply about dividing last year's fiscal data from the upcoming year, and it only makes sense that these new funds are represented accurately as the money that will come and go within the same school year.  duh

This Sunday we will be sorting the 100+ applications received so far, reviewing the contents for completeness, and possibly making a few calls.  I'll start evaluating seniority, booth requests, product photos, etc., and then assign vendors to their spaces.  The idea is to get a head start so, when my volunteer administrative assistants are here on the subsequent weeknights, we can zip through the paperwork processing in an easy assembly line manner.  Of course, while we're visiting and nibbling, and oohing and ahhing at the pictures.... 

Next to the actual day of our fair, this is my favorite part of the process - working with great people and immersing myself in art.