Here's how our Craft Fair works:

If you are on our mailing list, you will receive an email and/or postcard to let you know when applications will be available on this website.  If you would like to be notified when applications are available, please contact us with your information at


We accept all types of art and handcrafted, embellished, and assembled products.  All items must be hand-made by the vendor.  Vendors with manufactured and imported items will be asked to remove those items from the selling areas and, at the discretion of the Chair, may be asked to leave without recourse and/or return of fees, losing return privileges.  The BV Arts & Crafts Fair strives to provide artists with an outlet for their abilities and creations.  If you observe any booths displaying, selling or marketing resale items, please contact the Chair immediately.

Booths are $125 and 10' by 10' or 12' by 14".  Both sizes are available on the inner campus and parking areas.  We recommend floor tarps for potential grass/dirt spaces.  We provide only ground space.  All display structures, power and canopies are the responsibility of the vendors.  Price is subject to change.

You are welcome to split a booth with another vendor, but the two (or three) of you must apply together.  We do not match up vendors that only want half a booth.

IF you are selling food items, you are REQUIRED to have the appropriate permit from the Sacramento County Health Department.   Acceptable permits are:  (1) Retail Food Facility Permit, (2) Occasional Event Application, or (3) Annual Temporary Food Permit.  You will need to provide a copy of the permit if you are selected to participate in the fair.  Additional fees apply.

JEWELRY VENDORS: We limit our jewelry booths to no more than 15% of the total booths available.
***Fees are non-refundable once confirmation packets are mailed.
Application schedule is as follows:

April                 Applications available via the website
June                 Completed applications and fees due for 1st round selection     
July                  Confirmation packets to be mailed out and first deposit of fees 
July & Aug      Additional deposit dates 
Aug                  Final deadline for submitting FOOD applications and final deposit of fees
Sept                 Final deadline for submitting CRAFT applications and final deposit of fees

Rules of Participation - complete rules available on application
  • All marketed items must be handcrafted by You – No Resale.
  • Sellers Permit numbers are required and verified. Booths may not be shared with someone marketing without a permit.
  • Set-up may not occur earlier than time slot designated on the confirmation letter.
  • Set-up must adhere to the marked booth size limits to comply with fire/safety access codes.
  • Vendors are required to provide their own power source (ie. generators).
  • All vendors’ vehicles must be removed from the front lot by 7:30am. Space is reserved behind the chain link fence at the back of the school for vendor vehicles.
  • All vendors agree to contribute to the raffle an item or coupon worth no less than $10.
Selection of participants is based on seniority, product type, product review and space availability.